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Summer Youth Retreat 2023

Set for July 7-11, the upcoming youth retreat is a chance for teens to experience God's grace and presence in a beautiful eastern Tennessee setting near Cherokee National Forest. Through an unplugged and unhurried nature retreat, we will be reminded of God's loving desire for us to flourish as individuals, as disciples in community, and as joyful stewards of His creation. 


Whitewater Rafting

Our Ocoee River rafting trip - led by experienced river guides - promises to be an unforgettable experience. The Ocoee is a world-class rafting river. 


Waterfall Hike

A-hiking we will go! We'll see Benton Falls are more on our expedition to Chilhowee Mountain in Cherokee National Forest. 


Boating on Lake Ocoee

Lake life is calling us! We'll rent a pontoon boat and cruise around Lake Ocoee for special swimming coves and picnic beaches. 


Parksville House at Ocoee Inn

A very comfortable lakeshore lodge will serve as home base while we enjoy three full days of refreshment and fellowship in the great outdoors. Plenty of space for our group, plus a private dock on Lake Ocoee.   



Byron and Cynthia Townsend serve as leaders and mentors in communities across the Baton Rouge area. Byron is an experienced retreat leader for adults and children to domestic and international destinations. Cynthia is a Classical Conversations tutor, children's book author, and gifted speaker. Parents of five children, the Townsends have designed this retreat for refreshment, reflection, and casual, playful community building.

Anne Craven is Director of Family Ministry at St. Alban's. A former resident of the eastern Tennessee area, she is happy to return and enjoy the great outdoors with the St. Alban's community.

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