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Lunch with C. S. Lewis

St. Alban's Chapel offers a free lunch for undergraduate and graduate students every Wednesday (11:30 - 12:20).   Following a fantastic catered lunch served by members of the St. Alban's congregation, Fr. Drew Rollins (Chaplain) presents a short teaching on 'mere Christianity', a term coined by C.S. Lewis to describe those beliefs which Christians through the ages have held in common.  Students always participate in a lively back and forth with Fr. Drew.

Lunch with C.S. Lewis            

by Ed Cullen


These Wednesday lunches serve as many as 250 students, and the occasional child, in just under half an hour. Then, Drew or a guest speaker talks for 20 minutes. Cleanup begins around a scattering of students who linger to talk. Some students assist in the cleanup. It seems a simple thing when reduced to words on paper, but the C. S. Lewis luncheons are a gathering of church and university family that must be experienced to be appreciated.

Watch the Lunch with C. S. Lewis Video

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